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Logo design for a food & lifestyle coaching business

Roots & Carrots

Roots & Carrots is a Dutch-based food & lifestyle coaching business, helping clients towards a balanced lifestyle through mental coaching and nutritional advice. Ruud van Bergen was hired to design a complete logo system that communicates a professional, knowledgeable organization with an approachable appearance.

About Roots & Carrots: Coaching business

Roots & Carrots Stands for vitality and balance with the help of nutrition.

Experiencing more energy, a positive feeling, reducing physical complaints and being able to make conscious choices are, in addition to losing weight, important results after adjusting your diet.

Your thoughts and feelings can be deeply rooted. It is therefore good to ask for help. Help to break through patterns and develop a sustainable, healthy diet.

Design a Logo for a coaching business

A logo that embraces their key values (positivity, knowledge and honesty) and yet stays approachable was the challenge. The name Roots &Carrots in combination with food and lifestyle is a great source for logo inspiration.


The simplistic logo symbol is an extremely recognisable and effective identification tool that reflects their name Roots & Carrots. The logo icon has a hidden fork representing the nutritional coaching aspect. The carrot has been positioned in a horizontal position creating a forward movement. This represents coaching towards a positive lifestyle.


Aside from creating a simplistic and recognisable logo it needs to communicate like a knowledgeable and experienced organisation. The serif font evokes that reliability, it also complements the more approachable symbol of the carrot.


The use of earth tones in the brand’s identity composes a good contrast with the fresh orange carrot. These soft tones can be associated with an honest and approachable business. While the orange symbolises a fresh start and bright future.

A versatile logo system

Ruud van Bergen transformed the main logo into a versatile logo system to implement on various media.

For this versatile logo system, there are different elements of the logo used to create a stacked wordmark, favicon and tagline seal. The tagline seal logo works perfectly at the end of the website pages and newsletters. As for the favicon is primarily placed on top of elements where you only have a tiny amount of space. For example on top of social media posts.


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