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North Carolina, USA

Logo design for a funky Shave Ice brand


Waves is a hip, fresh, tropical, cool, funky brand that makes Artisan Shave Ice. With their Hawaiian island vibe food-trucks they target families, millennials and teenagers. Everyone should say "Mmm, Broke da Mouth" after they’ve tasted their fresh Shave Ice.

The logo symbol is a simple abstract shape. It represents the iconic colourful fruit syrups you see on a Shave Ice from a top view’s perspective. The roughened edges & colours in combination with the tropical typography highlights the funky island vibe they want to communicate.

The symbol in itself is memorable and versatile. To reinforce the memorability of the symbol, the colours can be matched according to the Ice-flavour. Which is funky twist they can use for animations or on the menu. For example: the Mango – Strawberry flavour on the menu will be accompanied by an Orange – Red variation of the logo symbol.

Mmm, did you Broke da Mouth?


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